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Here’s a link to my YouTube channel with a short video showing how easy it is to give supermarkets a clear message you’re not happy with all the unnecessary non-recyclable plastics they produce:

Taking non-recyclable plastic back to supermarkets

Taking non-recyclable plastics back to supermarkets

Link to #ShoppersRevolt event info organised by Greenpeace

This is the letter I wrote for the CEO which you’re welcome to use:

Dear Mr Lewis,

I’m writing to you to let you know that I’ve returned all of the non-recyclable packaging bought from your stores to the customer services team and asked them to send it back to you with this note.

No doubt you’re very aware of the amount of unnecessary and non-recyclable packaging produced by your company and the damage it does to our natural environment, either by ending up the ocean and harming marine life or rotting in dumps producing harmful gasses for years to come.

I want you to know how strongly your customers feel about the damage it’s doing and implore you to use your powerful position to make a positive change.

I strongly believe that with just a little bit of focus, the capable people you have working for you could improve your processes so that this packaging is no longer needed. This would help ensure that we can continue to live in a world where we and all the people we love can enjoy its rich biodiversity and not have to deal with the issues that climate change is bringing. As an extra plus surely it would save the company money?

Your sincerely,

Liz Christou

Blog: Thinkleantobegreen.com

E mail: lizchristou@thinkleantobegreen.com

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