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There’s reams of suggestions going round on how to cut out plastic at the moment and rightly so. But our dwindling supply of trees is arguably a bigger environmental issue. This is due to loss of habitat and the effect of the carbon released into the atmosphere on climate change.

Have a look at my post called Easy steps you can take at home to protect the world’s forests for full info on how we can combat deforestation in the most effective way by cutting out non-sustainable palm oil.

There’s plenty of other easy steps we can take to help with the problem. Here’s a quick list of ideas you can implement today.

1 Switch to digital note taking. If you don’t already do this, I highly recommend trying it. Typing is faster and having a digital record is much easier to store and find than flicking through pages and pages of note pad

2 Buy second hand furniture. How much nicer does it look to have reclaimed wood shelves or a character table than soulless new pieces. And how much better does it make you feel inside to know you you’re not responsible for desecrating any living habitat when decking out your home. A lot right? It could save you a fair wedge too.

save trees buy second hand wooden furniture

3 Stop printing tickets. I find your very rarely need to actually print out tickets anymore. The e mail normally says to just bring a copy of it and showing your phone will do.

4 Swap to recycled paper. I’m a believer that paper is pretty much redundant these days and we could survive just fine without it with a few minor adjustments in our lives. OK, so you might argue that we do need paper otherwise how would we go to the loo. It’s a fair point but there is a way around it – Japanese toilets use water and air to clean and dry you so you don’t need loo roll, they’re super-efficient with how much water they use too. Understandably you probably won’t rush out to buy one tomorrow, its worth bearing in mind the next time you remodel your bathroom though!

For the times that you do paper in your lives:

• Switch to recycled note paper and at the very least, recycle the paper or card you do use

• Use recycled or bamboo loo roll, they’re readily available in supermarkets and online

• Use recycled tissues or go back to old school hankies

save trees hankerchief

5 Refuse receipts. Receipts have been a bug bare of mine for years. You could be buying nothing more than a can of drink with cash and the change gets placed in your hand on top of a bloody receipt so there’s no way to escape it. Who the hell ever wants a receipt for a can of drink? Your pockets end up full of them and they invariably end up getting washed in your jeans. Aaagghhh! Some retailers have cottoned on to the pointlessness of these irritating print outs and are actually asking if you want one. But if they don’t, always refuse it and surely every company will get the message soon seeing as they cost money as well trees. Bonkers.

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